FxPrimus Offers Safe Forex Trading With 3rd Party Administrators

You are bound to find a few terrifying tales in Forex trading throughout the years. A simple Internet search for ‘Forex Scam’ can give around 30 million sites. Although 30 million is fairly a substantial number, it nevertheless pales as compared to the sums of money lost by Forex traders coping with bad companies.

All of a sudden and unexpectedly, traders have discovered themselves burning off some or perhaps all their invested money as a result of company mismanagement, corruption with funds or simply typical bad practice. Ultimately, these unlucky traders end up finding that their money had been consumed by creditors and they are generally left with very little or nothing.

However owing to FXPRIMUS the industry is finally transforming. In an industry first, FXPRIMUS provides an institutional hedge fund type of safeguard to their retail clients.

This is the first method in which FXPRIMUS protects you like not any other brokerage:

An independent 3rd party administers all segregated client accounts. This administrator is TURNSTONE GROUP, who handle more than USD1 billion in funds right from offices located throughout the world.

FXPRIMUS is definitely the first retail brokerage on this planet to contract this kind of independent third party fund administrator to keep track of the movement of client funds. TURNSTONE additionally serve as signatories for all client segregated accounts as well as any funds exiting the client segregated account will have to be authorized by them.

Even though this is service is offered at great expense to FXPRIMUS, it does support the broker’s commitment of currently being ‘The Safest Place to Trade’ - by a relatively good manner too! This kind of degree of fund protection is certainly one which NO OTHER Forex brokerage offers.

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