Forex Funds Safety With A Trust Account

In a prior post I wrote regarding the unprecedented level of safety and security that you will get for funds through FXPRIMUS. I wish to expand on this a little more so as to update you regarding all about our Trust accounts.

In yet another industry first, I'm proud to inform you that FXPRIMUS is the first broker on this globe to offer you a Trust Account Option for ALL their clients, regardless of their account size.

The days of requiring a USD250,000 account to benefit from the advantages of Trustee services are gone.

How do you benefit from a Trust account?

Funds held in a Trust account are completely separate from the assets of FXPRIMUS (e.g., funds held in a Trust are completely off the FXPRIMUS balance sheet).

This means that if for any reason the company were to stop trading, your funds are fully protected against the claims of creditors, liquidators or any other third party.

NO OTHER brokerage offers this kind of fund safety to all its traders!

As mentioned, these funds are held by an independent custodian trustee called Turnstone Trustees at Barclays Bank. This unique arrangement allows you to fund your account through the trustee and give you the peace of mind that your funds are 100% safe and secure.

Signing up for a Trust account is easy and inexpensive:

It only costs a one-time fee of USD50 to sign up for an FXPRIMUS Trust account.

Traders new to FXPRIMUS can choose to pay the one-time fee as a deduction from their first Live account deposit.

Existing clients just need to log in to the FXPRIMUS Member Area and select the ‘Trust’ option. Once selected, FXPRIMUS deducts the USD50 one-time fee from the trader’s account.

Click below to learn more about Trust accounts and the other ways how FXPRIMUS safeguards your funds like no other broker.

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