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'Any organization is only as good as the TEAM that runs it.'

At FXPrimus, we understand that no amount of technology can replace the human touch that is needed to build an empire. The team at FXPRIMUS is second to none and collectively we have experience in Retail Forex brokerage, Banking , hedge fund management and technology development.

The team has in the past seen what is ACTUALLY happening in the trading industry and decided that things have to change. We strongly believe it’s about time that a group of experienced individuals come together to provide a trading platform that is developed to benefit the retail trader and not work against the retail trader.

The Key members of our Team are:

Terry Thompson
President (USA)

Terry Thompson is the President of FXPRIMUS Ltd. Mr. Thompson has been involved in the financial markets beginning in the 1990’s. He began his career as an equity trader and earned his Series 6, 63, and 7 (NASD) licenses in the process.

After a great deal of success in equities, he transferred his skill of trading to the currency markets. Mr. Thompson believes the foundation of his success

in the financial markets has been sound risk management. He believes the ability to control risk is paramount to not only a successful trading strategy,but a successful business as well. Mr. Thompson earned a finance degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Deva Marianen
Executive Director (Mauritius)
Representative of Turnstone Corporate (Mauritius) Limited

Deva Marianen is the Chief Operating Officer of Turnstone Corporate (Mauritius) Limited. He holds a Bsc (Hons) in Economics and Finance and is a qualified Chartered Secretary and Administrator (ACIS) in UK.

He began his career with Abacus Management Solutions the financial services arm of PriceWaterhouse Coopers where he was responsible

for investment funds, private equity into Africa and mutual funds investing on the Stock Exchange of India. He has also been involved in the structuring of MNCs using Mauritius as an investment platform.

Sharma K. Gopaul
Executive Director (Mauritius)
Representative of Turnstone Corporate (Mauritius) Limited

Sharma K. Gopaul holds a graduate and post-graduate degree in Statistics. He is a fellow and Graduate Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society of U.K. He is currently the Head of Fund Division of Turnstone Corporate (Mauritius) Limited.

Prior to joining Turnstone, he spent four years as Fund Manager within the Ciel Group, one of the leading industrial and investment groups based in Mauritius with operations in a number of African and Asian countries. He was responsible of the day-to-day management and administration of an open-ended fund listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

Lori Leggett
Director, Finance & Treasury (USA)

Lori Leggett holds a bachelors degree in finance from a prestigious Pennsylvania (US) institute. Mrs. Leggett brings experience in financial analysis, accounting, and retail sales.

Her primary responsibilities within FXPRIMUS is to oversee a team which handles customer deposits and withdrawals. In addition, she also liaises with our administrator and signatory on all accounts, Turnstone, on a daily basis. More on Team

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